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The top five benefits of overcladding

Overcladding offers an economical and fast way for commercial and industrial businesses to upgrade the insulation and aesthetic value of their roofs.

Our lightweight metal or GRP-profiled sheet overlays can be installed on most kinds of metal or asbestos roofs with minimum disruption of a business’s day-to-day activities.

Overcladding boasts several great benefits, including:

1) Quicker and easier to install

Overcladding is relatively fast and hassle-free to install when compared with other strip and renew and coating systems. This means that installation causes minimum disruption for busy businesses.

2) Longer life

Capable of extending the life of a roof for up to 30 years, overcladding is also a great medium- to long-term roof improvement solution.

3) Fresher aesthetics

Thanks to the high-quality materials used, overcladding has a high aesthetic value and can completely transform the overall look of any roof, without business owners having to shut up shop for long periods of time while complex repairs take place.

4) Enhanced support

Our overcladding incorporates a spacer and support rail system that is fixed through the existing roof build-up into the support structure below.

5) Improved insulation

Overcladding usually includes insulation, boosting the overall heat insulation and energy efficiency of the property.

To learn more about this fantastic service, please read our case study from Hartlebury Trading Estate in Kidderminster.

TRS can offer overcladding and insulation upgrades suitable for all roof types, subject to a roof structural survey. Please contact us to find out more.

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