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Waterproof and durable

Coating systems

From top-end polyurethanes to decorative coatings, TRS can install coatings to any surface. Specialist coatings can be installed to suit difficult environments or access issues, providing cost-effective and practical solutions in all types of challenging environments.

What are coating systems?

Spray or hand-applied coatings can have a silicone, solvent, water or polyurethane base. They can be used as waterproofers, sealing laps, or as coating rejuvenators on metal and painted surfaces, and are most commonly used on flat roofs, metal roofs and wall cladding.

What are the benefits?

These systems are ideal for roof detail with difficult seals, and roofs that contain high amounts of plant penetration. Coating is usually quick to install and comes in a range of colours. Some can even resist chemical attack. Coating systems come with warranties, with some ranging up to 20 years.

Can my roof accommodate this?

All types of metal, asbestos, felt, concrete, gutters and other roofing materials can be coated.

Where can I see this?

GKN Imtech Inviron coating

The upgrade and repair of roofing and walls at a large production centre.
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Safety systems

Roof access and maintenance safety systems.


Flat roof systems

Quality renewal and overlay felt and single-ply solutions.


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