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The production facility

GKN Imtech Inviron coating

The upgrade and repair of roofing and walls at a large production centre.

Sector: Manufacturing

Roof Type: Flat roof and walls

Service: Coating

What was the job?

TRS was contracted by Imtech Inviron, GKN Bristol, to upgrade and repair roofing and walls at their production site. The project included the refurbishment of exposed steel supports and a large area of brickwork walling that had deteriorated and needed urgent repairs to make safe.

We carried out extensive repairs to the steel structure and brickwork before applying Garland Tuff Stuff coating to walls and Corroless EPF epoxy resin to all steelwork. The TRS roofing teams had limited access to overcome and worked hard to keep staff and site visitors safe during the refurbishment works.

The restoration and refurbishment project was completed on time and to budget. The finished job looked superb and unrecognisable from the original condition, and Imtech Inviron can enjoy a long guarantee on the workmanship and materials as well as a vastly improved working environment.


To repair walls and steelwork and provide a completed project with a 20-year life.


Overcoming limited access and safeguarding staff and visitors during the works; working closely with a demanding client to reduce impact on production.


A high standard of refurbishment for walls and steelwork. Long guarantee on workmanship and materials.

“The TRS team are professional, punctual and we can always rely on them.”

GKN Imtech Inviron gutter lining

The stoppage of leaks and improvement of gutters at this busy production centre.


Yeo Moor Primary School

Removal of original single-ply roof and installation of a new cut-to-fall system.