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Cost-effective overcladding


Providing an economical and fast way of extending the life of a roof, overcladding is a great option for those looking to upgrade insulation and aesthetic values. TRS installs these lightweight roof systems on commercial and industrial premises across the South West.

What is overcladding?

Overcladding involves the attachment of metal or GRP-profiled sheet overlays to existing asbestos, felt or metal roofs. It incorporates a spacer and support rail that is fixed through the existing roof build-up into the support structure below, and usually includes insulation.

It is a simple and economical way of upgrading almost any roof that is no longer fit for purpose, and in some cases is even a safer option than replacing the roof altogether.

What are the benefits of overcladding?

Overcladding is quick to install and competitively priced, compared to strip and renew and coating systems. It is a great alternative to a full replacement of a roof that has reached the end of its life, as it can be fitted directly on top of the old roof. The process even forms a cavity which keeps the original structure dry, any hazardous material encapsulated, and the building better insulated.

This better insulation offers increased energy efficiency which, along with the fact that overcladding can extend the life of a roof by up to 30 years, makes it a very sustainable solution. The weatherproofing will also reduce maintenance costs in the long term.

Another benefit is that overcladding causes minimal business disruption compared to a full roof replacement. In our experience, we are able to easily fit overcladding safely and efficiently whilst the buildings below us are in full operation.

Finally, it also has high aesthetic value, with a large variety of finishes and styles to choose from.

Can my roof accommodate this?

At TRS we provide overcladding and insulation upgrades that are suitable for all roof types, subject to a roof structural survey. In some cases the roof covering requires removal because it is dangerous to leave it. This is the case if asbestos sheeting is deemed unsafe to leave in place, or if the roof is already overloaded in terms of weight.

We offer overcladding services to commercial and industrial properties across South West England. Get in touch to discuss your next project, or to arrange a roof structural survey.

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