TRS roofing market sectors

TRS install roof systems for clients operating in most market sectors.

Roofing and construction sectors:

  • Industrial and manufacturing
    We are experienced in working as a principle roofing contractor. We take pride in reducing disruption to our clients’ production and manufacturing processes.
  • Commercial
    We have experience working with wide range of roofing types and sizes for commercial premises. This enables us to be flexible and fit in with client environments.
  • Education
    Our fast track approach to completing roofing and construction work during school holidays helps avoids unnecessary risk to students and staff and gives our clients peace of mind.
  • Social housing
    We understand the social housing sector’s needs and its obligation to protect residents and communicate with tenants and management.
  • Defence
    We make sure our staff and contractors are security cleared whenever necessary and always adhere to security arrangements.
  • Retail
    We reduce operational and visual effects when roofing stores, enabling the business to remain open and retain brand visibility.
  • Building surveying
    We add value by offering unbiased technical and specification advice when required.
  • Health
    We reduce the impact of our work on medical and health-related premises and their occupants and are flexible with our working procedures.
  • Petrochemical
    We adhere to clients’ work and safety systems and processes, minimising risk at all times.