Roofing FAQ

As your time is valuable, please browse our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us with a query.

Frequently asked questions for roofing services:

Question Answer
Can TRS act as principal contractor as required by CDM regulations 2007? Yes. We act as principal contractor for approximately half our contracts. Our management and staff are trained to meet the regulation requirements.
Does my project qualify as a CDM contract? CDM notifiable work includes construction operations lasting longer than 30 days, those involving 500 person days, and/or any project involving demolition.
Can TRS work in the rain? The simple answer is no. Surfaces need to be dry for work to commence – for this reason working between showers is also difficult. We are also unable to work in freezing temperatures and in wind speeds that exceed 30 knots.
Can I walk on a non-fragile roof light? Only roof lights specified as “non fragility for the life of the roof” may be walked on. We recommend that you never walk on translucent, coloured GRP or polycarbonate roof light.
What is meant by ‘non fragile’? Non fragility is determined under a test method detailed in ACR[M]001:2005. Please refer to the link to the non fragile specification table on page 8 supplied by FILON.
Why do I need to erect fall protection netting under my fragile roof when you are working on it? It is a legal requirement in accordance with ‘HSE HSG33 Health and Safety in Roof Work’ to supply a safe working platform and fall arrest protection for anybody working on a fragile roof. Scaffolding and safety netting are the safest and most cost-effective way of providing this.
Do you offer insurance-backed guarantees for your work? Insurance-backed guarantees are available via the manufacturers of some of the systems we install. Work is inspected by a third party and the guarantee is issued via the manufacturer. Guarantee periods can range from 10-25 years.
I am overlaying my flat roof; do I need to upgrade the insulation values to meet current Building Regulation requirements? No you do not – the definition of renovation in the building regulations has been amended to read: “the repair of a flat roof by the addition of a layer to the existing layers of over 25% of the area will not require an upgrade to the thermal properties”.
I am renewing my roof covering; do I need to upgrade the insulation values to meet current Building Regulation requirements? If you are renewing over 25% of the roof area you will need to raise insulation values and seek building regulation approval.
What size contracts do you undertake? From small patch repairs through to major refurbishment projects. Project values range from £300 – £1 million.
Do you do domestic roofing? Yes, but not small repairs.