Charity Santa Dash

Nigel Kay has completed a 5 mile Santa Dash.Those of you who have met Nigel know that he does not support the most athletic figure!

TRS's Nigel Kay "Santa dashing" for charity

Asked how he enjoyed the dash Nigel commented, “Dash? No,  but a most enjoyable dawdle”.

The event held around the Saltford and Keynsham area raised money to purchase defibrillators for local sports clubs and raise funds for CRY. “This is a most important charity for the local community”, said Nigel. “My eldest son lost his best friend 4 years ago aged just 17, when he collapsed and died when football training. Adam is away studying in America and would have run to support the charity. Our family had to be involved with the event some how”.

If you would like more information about CRY, please visit